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Can You Imagine!  Over 160,000 Visits To Our Website Since 1999.   Many Became Customers.  God Has Greatly Blessed Us And We Thank Him For This.


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We Sell High Quality Parts for
Compact Tractors From Japan

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Call us at (513) 877-3000 or E-mail us.

Please see Our Announcement About Tractor Sales

We answer the phone most of the time during the day Monday-Saturday.  We check email daily.  Parts orders are almost always processed the day they are received.  If you don't get an answer to your email it either didn't make it to us or your ISP stopped our reply, mistaking it for spam.  Except for actual spam and absurd emails, we respond to every email we get, even if the response is "Sorry, don't have that."  Email is not perfect...if you don't get a reply, CALL!

We do not necessarily return every call.  If you leave a message asking for parts for brands not listed on our parts page we may not return your call.  Sorry, but that is why we post information.  We do not have parts for brands not listed

If you know what you want and simply need prices, please email us your parts list, with either OEM part numbers or OUR part numbers from our online catalog, and we will usually reply with pricing within 24 hours.  Be SURE to include your location if you want a shipping quote. Thank you.


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Beginning 12/26/14 we will no longer accept credit cards.  The processing is just too darned expensive and too many people use "rewards" cards which punish us (yes, that's right....the merchant pays for your reward)  We will take prepayment by check or PayPal, where you can use a credit card if you like.  We are sorry that it will inconvenience many of you, but we simply cannot continue to lose what amounts to nearly 10% on all credit card sales.

(order ships after check clears)


Between now and 12/23/14 we are offering 10% off on all orders $100 or more paid with Paypal, and 15% if prepaid by check.
We have HYDRAULIC PUMPS for many compact tractors
We can get the KYB (Kayaba) pump for most Japanese compacts--this is the OEM pump on many of them that already lasted 30+ years.

*We believe that Jesus is the CHRIST, the SON of the living GOD. Believe on HIM, and you shall not perish, but have everlasting life*

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